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The Green Himalayan Villages

Community Impact

0 Reduction in co2 emissions
$0 Income Generated
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Bring Light to an Ancient Heritage.

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Our Mission

  • Project

    The project plan is to provide basic educational and clean energy based infrastructure for the remote Himalayan villages

  • Objective

    GHE’s objective is to implement the solution in a sustainable, scalable and environmentally beneficial manner, leading to an overall development of the community

  • Approach

    Provide the local population in such villages with access to basic infrastructural facilities such as electricity and education and create a model of sustainability by using the infrastructure setup to promote income generation through tourism.

  • Simplification

    Community members and Village Level Entrepreneurs (VLEs) who could replicate this solution at multiple other remote locations across the Himalayan belt, helping conserve the age old Himalayan heritage

Lighting up of the Green Himalayan Village